Bookend Their School Day

Whether your child hangs out with us before school or after school, they'll have made friends for life.

Before and After School Program in Edinboro, PA

The Growing & Learning Center's before and after school program is one of our most popular child care services. The flexible schedule allows school-aged children to work, eat, play, and/or socialize before or after the school day.

K - 5th

What Your Child Needs From Home

  • Extra set of clothes in case of an emergency
  • Packed lunch for summer or full days
  • Backpack for belongings

Before & After School Program Features

Features of our before and after school program for children in Kindergarten or older.

Planned optional activities/learning centers are available daily to develop motor, auditory, language, cognitive, and self-concept skills. Safe, nurturing, and stimulating environment. A breakfast snack, usually consisting of cereal with milk and juice, is served between 7:30 a.m. and 8:25 a.m. An after-school snack is also available when the children come downstairs. Optional homework time with a staff member's assistance is available to all children. Outside time is given daily weather permitting. Evaluations will be done 3 times a year.


Full brochure detailing the Growing and Learning Center's programs, policies, and mission.
A complete breakdown of Growing and Learning Center's COVID-19 safety policies and procedures
Growing and Learning Center's client COVID-19 acknowledgment, agreement, and liability waiver.
Records of all medical conditions, medications, and immunizations are required for enrollment at the Growing and Learning Center.
Emergency contact/parental consent form for children enrolled in our programs.