Boredom? Not a chance!

Our summer day camps fuel body, mind, and spirit with enriching activities all summer long.

Summer Camp for School-Aged Children in Edinboro, PA

The Growing & Learning Center offers a summer day camp for school-aged children who have finished Kindergarten. Each day is designed to be chock full of fun and activities to nurture and stimulate growing bodies and minds, with organized games, free playtime, weekly field trips, guest speakers and demonstrations, and more!

K - 5th

Field Trips

To provide a rich variety of learning experiences for the children, local field trips are scheduled periodically. We have visited nearby businesses, hospitals, and community sites — places where kids can get safe, hands-on contact with their quickly expanding world.

During the summer months, our school-age students go on a field trip(s) every week. Announcements of trips will be sent to parents in advance. A permission form signed by the parent or guardian is required for each child attending. Field trip attendance is never mandatory.

Your child will be provided care at the Center if you do not want him or her to attend the field trip. All transportation for field trips is provided by the General McLane School District.

Summer Camp Program Features

Features of summer day camps for school-aged children.

Safe, nurturing, and stimulating environment. Planned optional activities/learning centers are available daily to develop motor, auditory, language, cognitive, and self-concept skills. A breakfast snack, usually consisting of cereal and juice is served between 7:30 a.m. and 8:15 a.m. Outside time is given daily weather permitting. Field trips are planned every week. Again, these are optional, and the cost is the parents' responsibility. Evaluations will be done 3 times a year.


Full brochure detailing the Growing and Learning Center's programs, policies, and mission.
A complete breakdown of Growing and Learning Center's COVID-19 safety policies and procedures
Growing and Learning Center's client COVID-19 acknowledgment, agreement, and liability waiver.
Records of all medical conditions, medications, and immunizations are required for enrollment at the Growing and Learning Center.
Emergency contact/parental consent form for children enrolled in our programs.